When it comes to words, Suzanne certainly knows how to make them sing.

She’s a dynamic writer, storyteller and strategic thinker with an outstanding track record for developing compelling editorial that creates headlines and launches companies and brands.

As a regular contributor to National Post Homes, Suzanne has gained tremendous knowledge about the Greater Toronto Area’s booming condominium market. In fact, she recently penned a 15-part series called Street Smarts that took her on a tour of many of Toronto’s vibrant neighbourhoods to delve into the scores of condo projects reshaping them.

But Suzanne’s expertise goes well beyond real estate and home décor. She’s a regular contributor to Financial Post Magazine, covering such diverse topics as corporate diversity, Canada’s female powerhouses, and the challenges of working in dangerous countries. On the business front, she has a knack for explaining personal finance and wealth management tips and tricks to Toronto Star readers in terms they can easily understand. She knows technology, too, having spent a decade as a journalist and editor at Computing Canada and subsequently serving as a public relations writer for many of the country’s leading high-tech companies.

Lately Suzanne has been fascinated with Britain’s royal family, something she comes by naturally. Her mother, Kitty Wintrob (née Simmonds), was born in London’s East End and chronicled her pre-war years as a child evacuee in her engaging memoir entitled I’m Not Going Back. As a young girl, Kitty watched Queen Elizabeth’s 1952 coronation along with the thousands who crowded London’s Pall Mall. In recent years, Suzanne has developed her own relationship with the monarchy and the royal lifestyle as regular contributor to Hello! Canada.

On the PR front, Suzanne has worked at several high-profile public relations firms as their in-house writer. She infuses a journalist’s perspective into every PR project, a skill that has proved a valuable asset for clients in shaping their story for the media. Her specialties include corporate backgrounders, customer and employee newsletters, customer case studies (aka “happy customer stories”), bylined articles, media material, ad copy and Web pages. She recently completed a year-long contract as a corporate writer for Bank of Montreal (BMO), writing many of the bank’s press releases and appointment notices.

If that’s not enough, she loves writing songs – actually, rewriting lyrics to popular tunes and then belting them out at birthday parties, anniversary celebrations and family gatherings. And she’s often called upon to pen speeches for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other special occasions, turning other people’s thoughts into moving words and memories.

That’s Suzanne in a nutshell. Now, let’s get writing!

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