Why hire a writer? Here’s Suzanne’s reasoning:

“I like words. I like stringing them together to form slogans, stories and ideas. And I can’t do math. That’s why I write.

Why don’t you write? Maybe you have a good story to tell but you don’t know how to get it into print. Maybe you’re too busy launching a new company or new product and don’t have time to focus on spreading the word to media. Or maybe you’re a math whiz but can’t wrap your head around the written word.

Whatever your reason for hiring a writer, I’m here to help. As a longtime journalist, editor and corporate writer, I can expertly weave your story or message into compelling copy. So go on, give me a shout and let’s get writing!”


What Suzanne’s Clients Say…

“You couldn’t ask for a better writer – so if you need written content for your business, Suzanne is a one-stop shop.”   – Matthew Kanas, Senior Manager, Apps & Developer Relations, Intuit Canada


“I’m always relieved of my worries when I assign a writing or editing project to Suzanne. In her work with Hello! Canada, Suzanne has consistently delivered well-researched, beautifully crafted articles. We have asked her to write for many different sections of the magazine, each with its own format and tone, and she is able to write in whatever ‘voice’ we are looking for. (She’s fast, too!) Her intelligence and careful attention to detail also makes her a great proofreader. Suzanne has saved us time and money by doing things right the first time and I consider her a true professional.”             – Susan Catto, Deputy Editor, Hello! Canada 


“Suzanne is one of those hard-to-find freelancers who asks smart, detailed questions to ensure she fulfills an assignment perfectly. She files clean, complete and very readable copy, and always on time. I wish she were available 24/7 — for me alone.” – Shari Kulha, Editor, National Post Homes


“Suzanne, I just arrived in Vancouver, opened my computer and read the article. It is extremely well-written in my opinion, informative and gives a great overview of the topic. You have a great talent for weaving ideas from a range of sources into a coherent message. Thanks for including me in your research – and for top billing!” – Leslie M. Klein, Founding Principal, Quadrangle Architects Limited


“I hired Suzanne to write a press release and using that press release I landed feature articles about my work, appearing in dailies across Canada and in Reader’s Digest … and I’m ready to pull out that press release and use it again. Want results for your media campaign? Hire Suzanne!”   – Annette Poizner, Psychotherapist, Consultant and Executive Coach


“Suzanne is one of the most adept, compelling and efficient writers I have ever met. She straddles both journalism & PR brilliantly, never losing her edge for asking insightful questions, uncovering effective angles and maximizing all resources to get the answers. On top of it all, she’s a stellar person with strong integrity and compassion.” – Leslie Hetherington, Communications Director, Hardy Stevenson and Associates Ltd.


“I am a terrible writer, I mean just awful. As one friend put it, my fingers can’t keep up with the thoughts in my head. But it doesn’t matter because I have Suzanne, who manages to turn my gibberish into prose.” – Irwin Igra, Senior Investment Advisor, National Bank Wealth Management


“I have been using Suzanne for over 10 years. Her work is professional and always exceeds our expectation. I would recommend her services to any business.”  – Carol Perkins, Director of Marketing, IKO Industries Ltd.


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